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The quality of our equipment and our expertise brings us to complete excavations over a large geographical area. Single, double, or triple depth, the soil is deposited in a boxed container nearby, thus keeping the cemetery clear and accessible.

Rivaud, fossoyage, pompes funèbres

Our teams guarantee neat and tidy graves corresponding to legal requirements, both by manual work (50% of cases), and mechanised

Having secured the site, the grave and its surrounding is prepared (carpet, stoup, ...) to ensure that the ceremony is carried-out with dignity and within the finest conditions.



25 boxed containers (for storing excess soil)
Capacity to manage 10 graves per day
Approximately 1000 graves per annum
2 BOKI Gravediggers (machines designed for cemetery work)
1 Truck with crane (allows digging a grave 13m away!!!)




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