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We offer our clients a full monumental masonry service (setup, removal,…). Our machines and tools ensure that we can work in all types of cemeteries allowing us to respond promptly to your requests.

Rivaud, marbrerie, pompes funèbres

With a 2 meter wide Nissan truck and crane specifically designed to work in graveyards (unique model), we occasionally work alone or as backup support with your teams.

Rivaud, marbrerie, pompes funèbres

Once the monuments are dismantled they can be deposited at your own premises or we also provide storage facilities. We can therefore provide you with logistical and staff support.

Rivaud, marbrerie, pompes funèbres


With a large inventory of concrete vaults (single, double, single piece, funerary urns ...) we can also provide you with the installation on the full range.

Rivaud, marbrerie, pompes funèbres


1 dropside truck and crane (480 Kg at 17 meters)
1 tipper van and crane (469 Kg at 6 meters)
1 wheeled loader (moving monuments / shifting gravel or soil)
4000 square meters of storage space for monuments and vaults)




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