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The ETS RIVAUD offer you an unconditional 24/7 assistance for all services on a local or national level.

Rivaud, pompes funèbres

Indeed, we intervene from preparing, dressing, and laying the deceased in the coffin to transferring to the ceremony. Our teams of bearers and ceremony director are available to strengthen your set-up or to manage the entire service.

Our fleet of hearses (vans and limousines) is also at your disposal (with or without driver) so you can manage several ceremonies daily or simply take advantage to service your own vehicles.

Rivaud, pompes funèbres

We also hold a stock of "non-traditional" coffins as spare, including child coffins, non-standard coffins, zinc coffins and "premium" coffins.



7 hearse vans
4 hearse limousines (with complementary vehicles if necessary)
An excess of 500 "backups" per annum
20 polyvalent available staff

Rivaud, pompes funèbres




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