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Selling and leasing of limousines and classic van hearses

Exclusive French dealer for Italian manufacturer Intercar, we offer an important range of limousine vehicles: Mercedes, Chrysler, Rexton, Citroen, new or used, you have multiple choices to bring a new dimension to your ceremonies.

Rivaud, véhicules funéraires, pompes funèbres

Rivaud, véhicules funéraires, pompes funèbres

Our approach includes a display of limousines in various showrooms, as well as administrative duties such as registration for any acquisition of a vehicle.


In partnership with a network of dealers, we can also offer a wide range of new and used classical van hearses, matching your requirements.

All vehicles are of an excellent standard and customised to your needs if necessary.

Rivaud, véhicules funéraires, pompes funèbres




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